CSAPSA - Italy

The CSAPSA social cooperative (Centre for Studies and Analysis of Psychology and Sociology Applied) was founded in Bologna in 1977 to operate in the field of social services, education, training through the contribution of sociological, psychological and pedagogical science.

The design and management of personal services (educational communities, social groups, educational outreach, day centers and individualised interventions) in favor of children and adults at risk of delinquency or social exclusion, with disabilities are the historical activities of the Centre.

Since 1999, CSAPSA is accredited by the Emilia Romagna as a vocational training center for capacity planning, organisation and management of activities of guidance, training, job placement targeted at disadvantaged individuals (with problems of disability, psychological distress, addiction, abuse, social and cultural discrimination). CSAPSA has received institutional funding for innovative design and implementation of projects for education, training, definition of skills’ assessment interviews, observational internships and apprenticeships, involving hundreds of companies in the province and more than 1.200 people with disabilities.

More specifically, the range of services offered to persons with disabilities and/or in serious difficulty consist in the following types of actions: psychological support and/or guidance interviews, skills’ assessments, individual or small group meetings to guide the choices of training/work, observation internship and recognition of skills and competencies, training modules, preparatory or complementary internships in the company, vocational training, internships aimed at providing employment in companies with targeted recruitment, self-support and self-empowerment, individual training modules in the field of IT, training and professional support and adaptation of the work station, job placement for the acquisition/consolidation of soft skills and professional services.

Contact person/s: Ms. Giovanna Artale
Full postal address: Via Marsala 30, 40127 Bologna, Italy
T. +39 051230449
F. +39 051231440

MELIUS - Italy

MELIUS (International Mobility and Employment) s.r.l. is a research and consultancy company established in Bologna in 2006, working in the field of vocational and career guidance, and lifelong learning.
The MELIUS staff expertise encompasses several complementary research and consultancy fields in social development, such as:

  • Active policy measures for employment and employability,
  • Youth and adult employability and mobility,
  • Skills’ assessment and competence mapping,
  • Framework of competence design and development,
  • Learning design and technology enhanced learning,
  • Adult learning, including learning opportunities for disadvantaged groups,
  • Educational, vocational and career guidance,
  • Entrepreneurship and professional development plans,
  • ICT for learning and employment.

Since its establishment MELIUS has been partner of several projects at local, national, and international level dealing with education and training, transition to work, vocational guidance, mobility, employment, self-employment and business creation under the following programmes and lines of funding: ESF, CIP EQUAL, Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, Framework Programme, CIP-ICT-PSP programme, Lifelong Learning Programme, Interreg, Grundtvig and Erasmus+.

Melius is specialised in professional guidance, coaching and mentoring, and provides support for youth entrepreneurship and start-ups, development plans and employability support for people from disadvantaged background.

Contact person/s: Ms. Maria Chiara Vita Finzi
Full postal address: Via Nazario Sauro 1/2, 40141 Bologna, Italy
T. +39 0512960203
F. +39 051274419

COpAPS - Italy

COpAPS is considered a pioneer in social farming in Italy. Around 35 years ago, a group of family members, part of Bologna’s chapter of Anffas (a national association for people with intellectual and relational disabilities), formed COpAPS, along with a group of workers. This was also made possible by the socio-political institutions, which, at the time, were promoting the rights of disabled people, released from mental health institutes.

COpAPS which stands for “Cooperative for Social and Productive Activities” is the acronym that synthesizes the original mission, when anticipating the intent of law 381, which was to be released in 1991. The tutoring and support of disabled young people via training courses, sheltered employment and job placement were obtained through the implementation of agricultural and social activities, as well as art and craft workshops.

Today, COpAPS continues to pursue the objective of integrating persons with disabilities into the workforce, operating in three different sectors: park maintenance and gardening, organic fruit and vegetable production, cultivation of flowers and ornamental plants. We also implement a series of workshops aimed at adults with various degrees of disabilities, called “Percorsi Verdi - green paths”, integrated in the farm restaurant “Il Monte”.
The innovative approach has led COpAPS to broaden its horizons to encompass issues closely related to its agricultural multifunctionality, community and environmental services as well as renewable energy, by installing photovoltaic systems in the two locations (“Ca 'del Bosco” and “Il Monte”) and obtaining EMAS registration. Our facilities have furthermore earned OHSAS 18001: 2007 certification for superior workplace health and safety management systems.

Contact person/s: Mr. Lorenzo Sandri
Full postal address: c/o COpAPS via Maranina 36 40037 Sasso Marconi (BO)
T. +39 3487419697, +39 051845406
F. +39 051845700

Jaén County Council - Spain

The Jaén County Council (Diputación Provincial de Jaén) is the Local Public Administration of the province of Jaén, one of the 8 provinces of the Andalusian Autonomous Community (Region) and a crossroad among Madrid (2:45 h. distance) and the main cities in Andalusia (0:45 h. from Granada; 1:00 h. from Córdoba; 2:00 h. from Seville; 2:00 h. from Málaga).

The Jaén County Council provides services of cooperation to its 97 municipalities, home to around 650,000 inhabitants, and works to support the socio-economic development and the promotion of the specific interests of the province.

The ten areas of action the Jaén County Council include the Agriculture, Livestock and Environment Area whose objectives are:

  • Coordinating and promoting the inclusion of sustainability criteria in the actions in all areas,
  • Planning, implementing and monitoring programs and projects that have an impact on sustainable rural development in the province of Jaén,
  • Programming for the promotion of agriculture, especially the olive sector,
  • Coordinating with municipal activities for economic development and the promotion of other areas of special interest in the context of the municipal board’ functions,
  • Cooperating with rural development authorities in the province of Jaén.

Contact person/s: Ms. Elena Romero
Full postal address: Plaza de San Francisco, nº 2. 23071 Jaén, Spain
T. +34 953248000 ext. 1442
F. +34 953248127

Militos Consulting S.A. - Greece

Militos Consulting S.A. is a unique and innovative 360° consultancy firm that counts many successes and recognition in the european and national market for 14 years. The company has a strong European profile and international experience in the provision of integrated and innovative consultancy services in a wide spectrum of sectors and fields, such as Communication Planning, Event Design and Organisation, New Media, Dissemination and Public Awareness, Online and Social Media Web development and design, Video Animation, Consulting and Research in Entrepreneurship, Agriculture, VET, Culture, Politics, Employment and Social Affairs, etc. to public and private institutions, interested in benefiting from the growing economic and technological capabilities of the European and international environment.

Moreover, with a track record of over 35 EU-funded projects and actions as Leader or partner, Militos Consulting S.A. has sound experience in project management of large-scale and complex projects as well as in depth understanding of European policies. In this respect, Militos constitutes the first choice of many European bodies as Dissemination and Communication Consultant for European transnational partnership projects.

More particularly, an expert in mentoring and entrepreneurship as well as in agriculture, Militos has already implemented or is currently implementing more than 10 european projects on entrepreneurship, including Mentee, We train 4 jobs, I-SKILLS, Biz on board, High Heels, Mentering, Business Mentors, LadybizIT, Fresh Start, Women@Business, and more than 5 european projects on agriculture, such as farm inc., farmsUP!, ecoplanta, Capture the moment, Farm Forward.

The key to Militos’ success is its unique strategy and method: for each single action a tailor-made approach is developed that suits best the needs of the contractor and the overall aim and message of the event or campaign.

Contact person/s: Ms. Christina Frentzou
Full postal address: Acharnon 335, 11145 Athens, Greece
T. +30 210 6772129
F. +30 210 6772116

Perrotis College - Greece

American Farm School Post-Secondary Education and Training Association, best known as Perrotis College, constitutes an integral part of the American Farm School Educational Institute.

Founded over a century ago, the American Farm School (AFS) serves students at the secondary, post-secondary and adult levels and provides formal agricultural education as well as technical and professional training.

The Perrotis College of Agriculture, Environment & Life Sciences, since 2007, through a partnership with the Cardiff Metropolitan University, offers BSc (Hons) degrees.

The holistic approach and overall practical role of the institute is met through the operation of the two 1.450 hectare demonstration farms which are considered “the living laboratory”. Participants of all programs undertake training in agricultural production, agribusiness and natural resources management.

The Department of Continuing Education and External Services offers continuing professional training, adult education, European information and a number of services related to education, agrofood, agriculture, environment, rural tourism, culture, agrobusiness, e-learning and others via a wide range of programs, including co-funded European projects, and within the operation of the following programs and structures:

The Department provides a wide array of adult education courses under the name “Learning for Life”.

The establishment of the Center for Agricultural Entrepreneurship is a new initiative of the American Farm School (AFS) and Perrotis College (PC).

The Department operates a Center of Lifelong Learning level 2 accredited in the sectors of agriculture, industry and transport, the environment, tourism, finance and management, information technology and training of trainers by the National Accreditation Center for Continuing Vocational Training.

The European Information Center, Europe Direct of the American Farm School (EuD) operates under the umbrella of the European Commission, offering information related to EU issues.

Contact person/s: Ms. Katerina Roumelioti
Full postal address: Marinou Antypa 54, 55102 Thessaloniki, Greece
T. +30 2310 492853
F. +30 2310492860