The tangible outcomes / expected results of the GLEAN project consist in:

  • collecting best practices in fostering employability and entrepreneurial skills at european level
  • launching the NEET Employability/Entrepreneurship Programme (NEEP), a transversal learning programme for the development of technical and soft skills
  • activating 3 learning pathways in 3 european countries greatly affected by the NEETs issue: Greece, Italy and Spain
  • producing guidelines and recommendations for the adoption of the NEEP by further institutions
  • securing employment for at least 50% of the youth involved in the Programme within 3 months from the end of the project

Most of these expected results are directly linked to the so-called “intellectual outputs”, as described in the GLEAN project proposal. The intellectual outputs represent the tangible deliverables, actual products and significant outputs of the project in terms of potential impact and transferability to other organisations. Along with the intellectual outputs, project meetings and dissemination/multiplier events are implemented while future project sustainability activities are foreseen.

The GLEAN project intellectual outputs are as follows

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