career paths in agriculture

Growing Levels of Employability | Entrepreneurship in Agriculture for NEETs

  • Are you young (18-24 years old)?
  • Are you NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training)?
  • Are you looking for alternative career paths?

GLEAN opens up the way to a career in the agricultural field

The EU-funded GLEAN project aspires to capitalise on the agricultural sector’s documented precious potential and added value for employability, and open up career paths in agriculture for young disadvantaged people, promoting development and growth.

GLEAN introduces an innovative, engaging approach for learning the job in the agricultural field. The approach is based on the design and implementation of a blended course, combining classroom and online/self-learning with an emphasis on hands-on experience.

In particular, GLEAN:

addresses disadvantaged youth, such as young people Not in Education, Employment or Training, so-called NEETs, long-term unemployed and young graduates in agriculture motivated to improve their skills through work experience guided by experts in the field

exploits the registered huge potential of agriculture for employability

promotes the social role of agriculture for inclusion

proposes the design, development and implementation of a training programme, based on learning the job in the agricultural field

aims at:

  • collecting best practices in fostering employability and entrepreneurial skills at european level
  • launching the NEET Employability/Entrepreneurship Programme (NEEP), a transversal learning programme for the development of technical and soft skills
  • activating 3 learning pathways in 3 european countries greatly affected by the NEETs issue: Greece, Italy and Spain
  • producing guidelines and recommendations for the adoption of the NEEP by further institutions

Access the GLEAN e-learning tool here